Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's not custom-made, it's customized

Walk into just about any resort, hotel, casino, restaurant chain, airline etc. and you see people wearing uniforms that you probably think are custom made. Some are - we can custom make just about anything for you - but why go custom-made when you can just have us customize our in-stock garments. For most items, the minimum order is only 12 pieces, less for certain styles. It's much faster, easier & more economical than starting from scratch and it allows you to create a unique look without any of the hassle or expense of completely custom made apparel.

With the low minimum requirement and 5-7 business day processing for most orders - virtually any customer can have a look that is anything but ordinary.

All of the pictures in this post show the stock version of the style on the left and and example of what we can do to change it for you. This is just a small sample of what is available, there are many more stock customizing options we offer. From simple things like adding an embroidered logo or name to changing collars, buttons, striping and fabric overlays.

Having us create a completely custom made garments from scratch may make sense for some customers but generally we recommend first letting us try to customize a stock style for you. 9 times out of 10 we can create a 'look' that you are happy with but if we can't - we can discuss making it for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to see all the options we have available. Once you pick a garment you like, we can send you pictures like the ones here showing you all the choices.